Oxford Thinking: philanthropic proposals and donor reports

The University of Oxford is one of the world's most respected, however I found its Oxford Thinking funding campaign's proposals a little arrogant: full of photos of Oxonian architectural details and pompous texts explaining the establishment's excellent credentials, the documents assumed recipients 'knew' the University of Oxford (and were already impressed!). I created philanthropic proposals for government officals in developing countries, high-net worth individuals and large corporations which focused on how Oxford Thinking reflected their own accomplishments; included more images of relevant people in context, and ensured images were captioned. I tailored each document's introduction to its recipients and gained positive feedback

“I wanted to let you know that they loved the proposal you did. In fact the comment was that it was one of the best written proposals they had ever received.”
Lois Hargrave, Senior Campaign Executive, Bodleian Libraries

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“Kate’s work is always first-rate – well-crafted, engaging and effective. She has a quick and thorough grasp of the needs of a project, and fulfils the brief with timely competence and a creative flair that makes it more compelling.”
Chris Floyd, Senior Proposals Officer