3Zaps mobile technology enables immediate donation collection to third sector organisations, and businesses to “sell anytime, anywhere from your real world advertising”. A unique QR code which, when scanned by mobile technology, links directly to a micro-site with payment mechanism.

The brief was to improve on the company’s earlier launch with design of a new logo, a graphic device that visualised 3Zap’s offer for inclusion on their clients' marketing materials, and a visual explanation of the product for the 3Zaps website (built in-house).

3Zaps web presentation

slide show animation, charity sector, business, mobile technology

Concept and design of series of slides to outline the benefits of 3Zaps technology for a range of business types. 

3Zaps logo

The original logo is shown on the left. The new logo uses less generic fonts and relies on form rather than shiny rendering effects. The graphic far right was a frame provided for each client's unique QR code to be displayed on marketing materials whilst promoting the 3Zaps name for recognition.

3Zaps: Integration into client marketing materials

QR code

The Southampton Boat Show was one of the first clients to use 3Zaps technology. This video-still shows the graphic frame in use.