The Book Project – raising funds for Nepalese charities

Dr Rosa Matheson, the author of eight books on railway history, devised The Book Project to raise funds for social initiatives to improve women's lives in Nepal. She collected and collated 100 autobiographical stories for "A Day in the Life of 100 British Women". I sub-edited the text which was supplied unchecked and worked some PhotoShop magic on supplied snapshots before designing the page layout, typesetting the text and creating the book cover, illustration and The Book Project logo. 

The Book Project – cover design

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The Book Project – cover illustration

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The Book Project logo


100 Women: Inner text pages

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100 texts landed on my desktop largely unedited. I proofread them all for grammar and spelling and, in some cases edited the text for readability before designing the layout for the pages and typesetting the book. There shouldn't be a single hyphenated word, widow or orphan – I am a bit pedantic about such things: I learned about text and typography on the cusp of the 'desktop publishing age' from Jenny, a fantastic lecturer and typographic pedant. She taught me well!