#iDare youth issue magazine

The magazine, started by the Platform Project CIC, gives young people an opportunity to write and publish while learning work-based skills. Most participants were autistic or dealing with mental health challenges. The founders had no professional experience of writing, design or publishing. Contracted as project manager/editor, I brought knowledge of editing, structuring an article and page-layout design, encouraged subjects to engage the potential readership, and defined objectives for work-based transferable skills. Disappointingly, 9 months in, it was decided to integrate the magazine into a broader 'curriculum' for 'internships' to be run by non-experienced staff. A gratifying comment at the end of my contract from a young, talented, autistic writer: "It's a shame because I've loved every second of it. Doing the magazine stuff has really helped." Published in print and online.

Platform Project iDare magazine, by young people for young people

Youth issues magazine: project manager/editor