Isambard Community School

Prior to its opening, I was commissioned to design the logo for a newly built senior school in north Swindon in conjunction with Y6 students who would be the school's first intake of students.

I devised a series of workshops that taught the students about the basics of graphic design/visual communication before each student became part of my logo design team. They presented their concepts and critiqued each other's work (constructive criticism!). My final design took elements from the students' logo designs.

Isambard Community School – my design team

Some of the kids' designs, and the design team who helped me create the logo. At the end of the project I also put together an 'memorial' information board naming the design team, showing their work and outlining the concept – this is a permanent feature in the school hall and served to create a history for the newly-built school.

Isambard Community School logo

This is part of the identity guidelines I submitted with the digital logo files. The gold colour had been decided by the school governors prior to my involvment. 

"Kate presented us with a number of prototypes which we debated and developed with her. We’re really pleased with the way she distilled all the words and ideas put to her into a strong clearly understood identity for Isambard." Children signed up for Isambard have declared the logo modern, funky and up to their expectations. Most importantly they’re willing to wear it. “Even those who did not attend the workshops could read the references to Brunel’s engineering excellence, and the sense that Isambard will give them the road to success and the way to reach for the stars." 
From a press interview Headteacher, Rachel Mattey.