Communication is key to all things in life. Clear, creative, engaging and accessible communications connect with people – motivate people to take part, buy or donate and trust you. And helps avoid misunderstandings! 

What I do is: help you to produce accessible and engaging low-context information; understand and prioritise your target audiences' needs, motivations and expectations; build relationships with customers, supporters and collaborators.

Through graphic design, copywriting and illustration (plus strategy, budget and project management), we'll make connections through visual and verbal communication – in print, on screen and in person. From branding and marketing materials for SMEs to at-a-glance safety critical workplace information, or charity communications that garner support.

Current work: Writing and designing a service leaflet for professional agency workers, external signage, pop-up banner and two awareness flyers for Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre; product graphic concepts for a quiet hand-dryer suitable for people on the autistic spectrum; my three first typographic maps of Swindon, Wiltshire are now for sale at Central Library and The Core, Devizes Road... a fourth is in the pipeline. Art map of Swindon Town Garden now selling at Town Gardens Café, and Central Library Swindon; commission to create map for Old Town Festival, Swindon. Just started new part-time role, marketing and donations, at Emmaus Bristol. [updated: April 2018]