Communication is key to all things in life. Clear, creative, engaging and accessible communications connect with people – motivate people to take part, buy or donate and trust you. And helps avoid misunderstandings! 

What I do is: help you to produce accessible and engaging low-context information; understand and prioritise your target audiences' needs, motivations and expectations; build relationships with customers, supporters and collaborators.

Through graphic design, copywriting and illustration (plus strategy, budget and project management), we'll make connections through visual and verbal communication – in print, on screen and in person. From branding and marketing materials for SMEs to at-a-glance safety critical workplace information, or charity communications that garner support.

Current work: Designing posters and other publicity materials for Prospect Hospice; Autumn edition of the art map of Swindon's Town Garden  (limited edition of 50 numbered, signed prints) has just arrived for sale at Town Gardens Café (a few copies of the Spring version still available); working on the 2017-2018 Annual Review for Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre; working part-time at Emmaus Bristol in marketing and donation, currently working on the marketing plan amongst myriad tasks(!); will be selling my range of art maps at Christmas Markets in Swindon on 1st and 23rd December. [updated: November 2018]