Kate is a creative communication consultant. The images showcased on this website are the end result of writing, editing and proofreading copy, researching information, understanding context and audiences, collaboration, illustration, devising concepts and strategies, client liaison, report writing, account and project managment and budgeting. Kate is based in Bristol and Swindon, and works for global brands, start-up entrepreneurs and community projects to produce communications: marketing, information, philanthropic and educational, as well as auditing and advising on existing communications.

"I work on a broad range of projects which hinge on communication, connection and collaboration, understanding the motivations and expectations of your target audience, make connections through visual and verbal communication – in print, on screen and in person – and build relationships with collaborators to achieve objectives."

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In recent years Kate has moved into work for not-for-profit organisations in fundraising and development and charity communications. A successful one-year contract as Development Manager for a heritage charity (Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust) saw a 100% increase in their average annual raised funds, and her work on the University of Oxford's alumni direct mail helped see over a 40% increase in response rates.

The challenges and richness of international communication, languages and cultural conventions, is a great interest – Kate speaks fluent German and 'pretty good' Spanish and holds a master's degree in International Design and Communication Management. As a designer she has worked overseas – Germany and USA – designing and co-ordinating projects (client side) for pan-European marketing campaigns, tweaking an American message for the many European audiences. She worked pro-bono in Mexico leading arts workshops for children affected by the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Working within the high risk industry sector, Kate was the sole consultant leading the design of safety materials on a two-year multi-million pound rail industry project. She was commissioned as the project's Visual Communication Consultant due to her expertise in 'translating' complex information for a wide demographic.

For the financial sector Kate has worked on B2B, B2C and rebranding projects for Nationwide Building Society, Zurich Financial Services and Chase de Vere.

Arts and design education work for youth groups and schools has included running an after-school drawing club, Graphic Design 14–19 Diploma workshops, logo design workshops for primary and senior school aged children, art workshops in Puebla, Mexico, creating a series of historical illustrations, teaching (Year 7 and 8) Art and Design & Technology curriculum classes in a comprehensive school, and organising community arts events.

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