Kate is a creative communicator. Working with you to create low-context, creative communications that are accessible to all – no jargon, no assumptions of knowledge. Clear information, text and images, that both meet your, and your target audience’s, needs and expectations, and builds relationships.

She works on a broad range of projects which hinge on communication, connection and collaboration, understanding the motivations and expectations of your target audience, and making connections through visual and verbal communication – in print, on screen and in person.

Kate has 20+ years experience (and qualifications) that bring communications projects together: research, graphic design, creative concepts, strategy, illustration, writing and editing, project and budget management, sourcing and collaborating with suppliers, liaising with clients, auditing existing communications and submitting reports.

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This website showcases examples of each aspect of Kate’s work including:

  • Concept and strategy work, including press advertising, B2B and B2C materials for the financial sector;
  • Leading the visual communication for a multi-million pound national rail safety project;
  • Fundraising, donor stewardship and public awareness materials for charities;
  • Writing philanthropic proposals and reports for the University of Oxford;
  • Logos and identities for SMEs and start-up businesses;
  • Funded projects to research, write and design heritage information, and more besides.

"Over years of a 'portfolio career' my work seems to have gone through phases. Early on I seemed to do a lot of work for housing associations and typeset multi-language user booklets for Hoover and the Early Learning Centre, experience which led to overseeing the design communications for Texas Instruments in Europe – designing and co-ordinating the pan-European marketing communications in 22 languages for consumer electronics. That gave me insight into marketing to dual audiences – the students who needed the products and their parents who would buy them – and into how communications have to be tailored to different cultures. This led to a master's degree in International Design & Communication Management. Working with consumer electronics later brought me work for Road Angel, a sat-nav company, designing icons for its user interface, and packaging. For many years I worked in-house and for outside agencies for financial services inclduing Nationwide Building Society, Zurich and its subsidiaries, Hargreaves Lansdown and Chase de Vere. For about seven years about half my work was leading arts and design projects in schools and youth groups (from primary school pupils to 14–19 Diploma students, even spending a month running arts workshops for a charity in Mexico). Strangely this work later led me to be commissioned by Network Rail on a regional safety project (because my schools' work showed I could visually communicate complicated information to people with low reading ages). This developed into a two-year multi-million pound national project on which I was the visual communications lead consultant. Just prior to that, a year-long contract at the University of Oxford's Development Office steered me via upteen courses into fundraising and markting communications toward the not-for-profit sector, at the same time winning heritage project work – I've researched, designed and curated an Arts Council funded exhibitions, and an HLF-funded community history book. Mixed into these phases there have been illustration projects for schools and map illustrations for English Heritage; brand creation and development for hygiene products aimed at kids; UX and UI design for housing software and a museum; countless logos designed for SMEs, event publlicity... I'd happily revisit all of those sectors and fine new ones."

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