Typographic maps of Swindon

I've always loved maps. The first (of Swindon town centre) was a bit politically motivated – the centre is in sharp decline with downmarket shops and lots of empty units – I wanted to see, and show, how bad it was (if you're interested 15% of the units were empty in January 2018 when the national average was 10%). Then I did a comparison map of the centre in 1968. I gave a copy to the Alzheimers' Association on a suggestion that it could stimulate memories.

My best seller is the Town Gardens' maps. I'm working on a set of Bristol maps at the moment.

Please get in touch if you'd like to buy a copy.  


Swindon Railway Village

40 x 40cm giclée print.

typographic map of Swindon Railway Village

Swindon Town Centre 2018

90 x 60cm giclée print. It's hard to see the detail here: go to kate.parsonscreative.co.uk to view in far more detail and to see the Swindon Town Centre 1968 typographic art map.

typographic map swindon town centre

Old Town, Swindon 2018

Available as a 90 x 60cm, and a 50 x 70cm giclée print. There's a 1967 map and more detail to be seen at kate.parsonscreative.co.uk 

 Old Town Swindon typographic art map

Town Gardens, Swindon

50 x 70cm giclée print. One of my favourite places in the world. There's a Spring version too. See them both at kate.parsonscreative.co.uk

Town Gardens Swindon, Autumn, typographic art map