Various non-profit projects

This page shows some shorter term projects – content, logos and infographics – completed for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Christmas Care homeless charity


homeless, charity, swindon, christmas care

Design for a small, volunteer-led charity in Swindon which opens each year for homeless and isolated people in the community.


Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre fundraising mailing

Created for a fundraising mailing, this information sheet has also been sent to interested parties to give an overview of the work done by Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre.

The info sheet was sent, with a letter to 42 Lions, Rotary, Round Table and Freemason's groups in Gloucestershire – 11 by email and 32 by post at a cost of £28* (print and postage). To date (27 February 2017) this mailing has raised £1,300, a return of 1:46. This includes an invitation to give a talk to one group which resulted in a cheque for £500, and there is an application for funding pending, after Gloucestershire Freemasons invited an application for up to £2,000. The response rate is 19%. I selected the information from the charity's data, wrote the copy, designed the infographics, managed the print (and created the presentation and gave a talk).

*cost for this mailing. Additional copies of this dual-use leaflet were printed for volunteers, existing contacts etc at a total cost of £80.

charity communications, infographics, case for support

charity communication, case for support, infographics

Westcountry Rivers Trust CSI

westcountry rivers trust CSI logo, charity communications

This logo was designed to launch the charity's 'Citizen Science Investigators' (CSI) programme alongside the layout of its information leaflet.
The programme encourages the public to survey areas of rivers to help the Trust to monitor the quality of rivers in the South West of England.

Be a Good Citizen booklet

In Bristol, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Management run 'Up our Street', an initiative to bring together the area's diverse community. To support a film project made to increase community interaction, I was asked to produce a 40-page A6 leaflet, using stills from the film: "People changing the world, one street at a time".

Some sample pages:

community cohesion initiative Bristol

 community cohesion booklet, Bristol

community cohesion booklet, Bristol