Proposals, bids and case-for-support presentations are key to future planning for both non-profit and commercial initiatives. A proposal should engage and inform. Start by asking: what does the reader need to know, and how can that be most clearly presented? Information should be low context – assume the reader has no prior knowledge of the project, or context of your work – or has much time to work out your message. Offer quantitive information where possible. Be specific – generic aims such as "to improve wellbeing", or "to help people" don't help funders understand what you do, or why they should fund you. Infographics can outline a situation at-a-glance. A picture paints a thousand words.

Working 'outside' of your organisation Kate can often identify factors that might be overlooked by staff immersed in the 'day-to'day'. Her research will ask the questions that funders will expect to see answered, and the photographs she includes will tell the story (not re-ignite a memory for participants!).