Charity funding: case-for support*

Client: Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust
Role: Development Manager
Overview: Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust is: heritage, architecture, history, education, nature conservation, local park, café, arts venue, working cemetery, wedding venue and activities for children and the community.  Previous fundraising efforts had concentrated on saving the site’s heritage and underplayed the work done to establish the site as a community resource. Situated in a deprived ward, I put the community at the centre of funding materials, using engaging language; emotive images and infographics to tell the story.
Brief, aims and outcome:  Case-for-support document written as funding application for grantmaking bodies and publicly available information. Includes information such as quantitative visitor information, lists achievements (funders often look favourably on organisations who are working to help themselves) and illustrates community engagement.

Overview: Arnos Vale cemetery safeguards a memorial to the 'father of modern India' Rajah Rammohun Roy.
Brief, aims and outcome:  tailored case-for-support document to build awareness within the Indian community, and historians. Copies were sent to the Indian High Commissioner who attended the annual commemoration ceremony. A donation of £3,500 was received from a prominent British-Indian businessman to whom the document was sent.

Raja Rammohun Roy, chattri, arnos vale,bristol, India, Brahmo Samaj