I am a creative communicator. I work with people to create low-context (no jargon, no assumptions of knowledge), creative communications that are accessible to all.

Every project I work on is about communicating relevant information in the right way to the selected audience. Each project has an element of reviewing existing materiaIs, and research into background, context and further information as starting points. I work out a way (often governed by time or budget) to get the message across using words and pictures – graphic design, illustration, copywriting and strategy.

This mix has been the same when applied to, for example, financial services, start-ups and SMEs, international business marketing, charity communications and fundraising, workshops and classes for young people and safe system of work materials.

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I've been self-employed for 20 years and have worked in a variety of roles for a lot of different sectors. Below is a 'CV timeline', with today at the top, showing what I've worked on, and what I've learned.

Kate Parsons freelance timeline CV