Communications audits, reviews and strategies

Sometimes it's useful to take a step back from your communications and see it with fresh eyes. Looking at a client's previous communications is something I always do when I'm asked to design anything: it can just prompt questions that help me better understand the project, or let me see an established approach to follow.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: review of online ticket sales user experience (UX) with suggestions for improvement

Commission to review the user experience (UX) on the Historic Dockyard's website, as online ticket sales were poor. I reviewed the whole site and made recommendations on how changes to text, content and layout could be amended to improve communication, with attention given to the Dockyard's special exhibition 'Jutland 1916' for which I'd been part of the online interactive map team.

Review and recommendations for beauty salon's rebranding

This looked at the whole look and feel of a small beauty salon, with a salon for self-employed hairdressers: the interior decor and signage, the logo and brand and their current communications. I reviewed at critiqued what they had, and made suggestions for an economical new look to take the business forward.

Review of charity website

This was preparatory work to audit the charity's existing online presence, as well as a chance to comment on its logo and tone of voice (branding). See elements of the new brand

Zurich: Total Cost of Risk strategy

I worked with account managers at RRD Creative to plan the initial strategy for local authority end-clients and worked on creative concepts. Due to local government budget cuts and the increased presence of procurement teams in the tender process, Zurich Municipal were changing to solutions-based interaction with local authorities with the aim of influencing the tender process by educating local authorities about uninsurable risk management, analysing risk and supplying solutions – a marketing approach based on added value rather than cost of the insurance premium.

zurich municipal, risk management, strategy, strategic marketing