Emmaus Bristol – homeless charity

One of 29 Emmaus communities in the UK, Emmaus Bristol helps people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness. The unique Emmaus model provides secure accommodation, meaningful work and tailored support to help people overcome issues and rebuild confidence so they are able to move on from homelessness.

Emmaus Bristol newsletters

Co-written with the CEO and designed by Kate, this newsletter is sent out by email (with a link to the flippable, clickable version below) and by post as an A3 to A5 cross-fold newsletter.

cover of Emmaus Bristol newsletter 2019 featuring photography by Colin Moody

Front cover of Summer 2019 page shown above; click below to read the Winter 2021 newsletter online.




Emmaus Bristol referral leaflet

This is the emailable pdf version of a bi-fold leaflet (the pages are rearranged so panels read from left to right on-screen). The audience for the leaflet is people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and referral partners. The content was planned by the senior support worker and then re-written to remove in-house jargon and ambiguities, and to add clarifications that anticipate potential questions, and quotations 'from the horses' mouths'.  The text addresses 'everybody', to talk to rather than about people who might need support. The design complies with Emmaus UK brand guidelines

The referral leaflet clearly sets out Emmaus's unique response to homelessness and will be a useful tool to accompany donation letters to individuals and small trust funds.

referral leaflet for potential service-users

referral leaflet and overview


Emmaus Bristol communications review

The charity's communications had evolved without anyone at the helm. Nationally, Emmaus is not well known. Though I had already produced some communications materials, the big task was to create a new website. Finding out how your organisation is perceived is a good starting point to improving communications. This questionnaire asked people inside the organisation – service-users, staff, trustees and volunteers – about their thoughts and experiences of the charity's 'public persona' and how it may be improved. Another version asked similar questions of people, such as supporters and charity shoppers, in contact with Emmaus Bristol.

questionnaire informing brand and communications developments