The lines are blurred between art, illustration and graphic design. In the days of yore graphic design was known as 'commercial art': these are examples of commissioned illustrations. Especially when working to smaller budgets, being able to create an illustration is handy! Sometimes it's easier and quicker (and cheaper) to buy-in an illustration and amend it to suit the client's needs. I generally work in Adobe Illustrator, mostly working from pencil sketches. The software produces vector drawings which can be scaled to any size and forever edited.

History curriculum illustrations (Key Stage 2)

Series of ten illustrations created for Sevenfields Primary School, Penhill, Swindon to aid learning of Key Stage 2 history.

I was given a list of key historical dates from the Norman Conquest in 1066 to the Second World War (1939–45) and commissioned to produce illustrations that would re-inforce learning. Each one metre wide illustration hangs in Sevenfield's large, open, central area. The school's teachers suggested the four Georges from Horrible Histories TV programme to be my inspiration as smiling at history had helped students engage with it. Enjoy it here:

queen elizabeth 1, Key Stage 1, history, elizabethan,

Edward Jenner, history, primary school, curriculum, smallpox, vaccination, science

history timeline, King George, Regency, madness of king george

WW2, WWII, world war two, home front, key stage one, history

Puff: children's character design and illustration

Puff the Magic Dryer, children's hygiene, character design, illustration

The Puff the Dragon character was designed to fit the confines of the hand-dryer so that his mouth blew out warm air. The product is shipped with a graphic backboard to be fixed to the washroom wall, posters and stickers – all devised to encourage children to wash and dry their hands hygienically.


Puff washroom graphics

Puff the Magic Dryer, signage, hygiene, stickers, children, washrooms

Each hand-dryer is sold with posters, stickers and washroom door signage aimed at encouraging children to wash and dry their hands properly. 

English Heritage Informed Conservation book series

illustration, cartography, maps, English Heritage, Adobe Illustrator

Accurate stylised maps for English Heritage's Informed Conservation publications: Scilly Isles, Nottingham and Weymouth.

Available online at

E-Motion: a welcoming retail brand

The brief for a logo from E-Motion was for something that communicated environmentally friendly transport – hence the tree of wheels logo. The natural local environment in and around Swindon, features as part of the brand toolkit  with illustrations (a mix of photgraphy and illustration) of a 'community' of cycling characters.

The Book Project – cover illustration

character, illustration, adobe illustrator, book cover, publishing

Vitriol is a Dying Art

book cover, book design, author, kevin anderson, kindle


Kindle, Amazon, e-book, book cover, illustration, Kevin Anderson, Vitriol is a Dying Art

Kindle book cover design.