National Museum of the Royal Navy: "Jutland 1916" interactive map*

Client: National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN).
Role: User-interface (UI) designer
Overview: to mark the centenary of the Battle of Jutland, the 'greatest naval battle in history', NMRN  commissioned an interactive GIS map database to accompany its exhibition. Public invited to upload information and images to commemorate ancestors who at Jutland  to build a 'people's archive'.
Brief, aims and outcomes: User-interface design is about understanding both the (non-technical) end-user's requirements and the programmer's technical constraints. The brief evolves as the programmer implements ideas. Briefed by Nautoguide (developers) with NMRN liaison.

Initial design iteration: Horizontally-expanding concertina menu allowed maximum map area to be showed. Various icon and colour options were submitted.battle of jutland, NMRN, portsmouth, navy, WWI

Design development: jutland,1914-1918, 1916, battle, naval, navymobile, website, fluid UI design