Typographic maps: Swindon

Typographic art maps are on-sale in my shop. I've been commissoned to produce tailored maps for inclusion in local event publicity materielas and bespoke maps for individuals. 

The Magic Roundabout
Print size 44 x 44cm, image size approx 41 x 41cm.

typhgraphic map of swindon magic roundabout with heritage elements

Swindon Railway Village
Print size 44 x 44cm, image size approx 41 x 41cm.


Swindon railway village, world heritage site, Brunel GWR, Swindon, Wiltshire, typography

Swindon Town Centre 2018 and 1968

Paper size: 90 x 60cm This pair of typographic maps (sold separately at £30 each) shows the changes over 50 years. 15% of the shops are empty in 2018. Fifty years ago, there were barely any salons, and many more household shops, from furniture and haberdashery to sewing and wool shops.

Swindon Town Centre, Brunel Centre, typography, 2018, decline of the high street, InSwindon, Swindon Borough Council

50 years ago, historic map, swindon

Old Town, Swindon 2018 and 1967

Available as a 90 x 60cm, and a 50 x 70cm giclée print. There's a 1967 map and more detail to be seen at kate.parsonscreative.co.uk 

 Old Town Swindon, typographic map, Wiltshire


Town Gardens, Swindon

50 x 70cm giclée print. One of my favourite places in the world. There's an autumn version too. Limited edition of 50 each. On sale at Town Gardens café. Only a small number of Spring versions remain.

Town Gardens, Swindon, Spring, map, typography

The Lawns, Swindon

70 x 50cm limited edition print

The Lawns, Swindon, Goddard family, Swindon manor, art of Swindon, Ambrose Goddard, Swindon parks