Willows Counselling Service*

Client: Willows Counselling Service
Role: Charity re-brand
Overview: Mental health charity
Brief, aims and outcomes: Re-think communications to make the service more accessible to vulnerable (potential) service-users as well as funders. Willows’ website was hard to navigate and ‘spoke to itself’. I reviewed the content, submitted an audit with recommendations, then created communications ‘toolbox’ – logo, texts, illustrations, brand guidelines for future in-house use online and in print.
Additional tasks: created templates on Canva online design platform and trained staff to use. Created application and assessment forms. Briefed web developer.

Willows website*

Former website, the basis of communications review: unclear offer, spoke about themselves rather than to the service-users


Design submitted to developer – some changes during the build. Directly addresses the viewer, empathetic tone, clearly outlines the services:

Current website:

Willows Counselling Service logo

Previously an image – no logotype –  that looked insubstantial. Redesigned to look confident, solid and definite.

Willows Counselling Service logo