The Worldwide Web

Kate is not a web-developer and has basic knowledge of HTML coding, working on a number of websites, including e-commerce sites – advising on the best content to get the company message and purpose of the website across, researching the competition's online presence, working out navigation, art directing and writing copy, designing layouts and writing briefs for programmers, and supplying image files.

Taste Catering website design

Catering, design, web design, retail, Swindoncatering, Swindon, design, vintage, retro, quirkyThe design mixes photos taken at the shop with photo-library images. The design was created to a small budget, and the site built using a tailored Wordpress template so that the client could update prices and products.

Caledonia Washrooms website

Hygiene, Scotland, washrooms, Iain Stewart

Layout, navigation and content arrangement for Kinross-shire based hygiene company, proud of its Scottish roots.


3Zaps web presentation

slide show animation, charity sector, business, mobile technology

Concept and design of series of slides to outline the benefits of 3Zaps technology for a range of business types. 

E-motional e-commerce website, web design, swindon, south-west england, designer

Design of the content structure, information flow and navigation of the site, briefed to Russ, the web-developer. Content styling, illustrations and graphics were designed as a development of the brand. The e-commerce site was built as a ' content managed system' so that it's easy to update and edit by E-Motion staff.

Swindon Samba


I co-founded Swindon Samba in 2009 and, by default, became responsible for the band's publicity. My HTML skills are basic – I've designed a number of websites by sub-contracting the build – but built this one myself by scaling a steep learning curve. It's simple, but it does the job. 

Big Draw Swindon Style website

design consultant, graphic design, marketing

Using the ripped paper device and typograhic style of all other publicity materials The Big Draw Swindon Style website was produced on a small budget. It was updated after the event with a gallery of images drawn on the day.