Youth magazine project leader*

Title: #iDare magazine and blog
Client: Platform Project CIC
Overview: For marginalised 18–25 yeard olds with autism, mental health issues, disabilities. Weekly three-hour sessions to build skills and confidence in writing and design to publish a monthly printed magazine, online flip-book and blog. I taught basic skills by collaborating on articles.
Brief, aims and outcome: Bring professional knowledge to existing youth magazine project; to guide and enhance young people’s writing, design and production skills. Defined objectives for work-based transferrable skills: how to create pages in Canva, enhance images and structure articles. Created a professional structure for submitting articles, style and writing guides. General mentoring. One autistic 22-year old young man gained confidence to secure a placement with Swindon Link magazine.
Role: writing and design workshop leader, editor, project manager.

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#iDare Magasine issue 16, youth project, writing ​

#iDare Magazine issue 17, youth project, writing

#iDare Magazine issue 18, youth magazine, writing